Ambassador message

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the official website of the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to FAO and UN Organizations in Rome !

It gives me great pleasure to take charge  of Permanent Mission Office of Iran (IRI) to FAO. I and my team in Rome try to start the new chapter in working with Food and Agriculture Organization and other Rome based agencies along with all Permanent Missions in Rome and  intensify communication with all of you to achieve our common goals. I wish to work together with all of national, regional and global institutions closely to support FAO to contribute more innovative and inclusive solutions to the Global Food Security.

Two of the major concerning issues for us are poverty eradication and food security particularly in such a situation where we are facing the challenges of both climate change and growing conflicts and crisis. Despite of  total food production growth in recent years, still the World Food Security Status is not acceptable by global community. While we almost reached the deadline of the MDG, there are still 815 million hungry people suffering from poverty in the world of whom three-quarters live in the rural areas. Poverty eradication calls for national pro-poor development plan and inclusive economic growth, on which I would love to share my perspectives below for your reference.

Agricultural development plays a critical  role in this attempt and shall be taken as the priority to ensure food supply and support rural families whose income is mainly agriculture based.  Regarding agricultural development, measures shall be adopted, including introduction of more appropriate technologies, enhancement of investment in agriculture and development of social protection to assist vulnerable rural groups to get out of hunger and poverty, in the process, we need to keep in mind two significant points, on one hand, rural areas need to be appealing for the young generation in terms of education and employment for a long term well balanced stable development, on the other hand, as half of the population, women’s equal share in the development need to be considered and supported.

As has been discussed above, in such a challenging historical background, it needs our collective endeavors as well as our common determinations and wisdom in pursuit of a more secured future for all, I and my team will spare no efforts in devotion to this honorable cause.


Mohammad Hossein Emadi

Ambassador, Permanent Representative