FAO Projects in Iran

FAO’s assistance in Iran focuses on three strategic priorities :

  1. Enhancement of sustainable management and development of natural resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation and disaster risk management with emergency and rehabilitation programmes and the development of sustainable small-scale agriculture based on agro-ecological approaches and climate-smart agriculture.
  2. improving agricultural productivity and optimizing capacity development  for better food security, nutrition and livelihoods of vulnerable groups in rural and urban areas
  3. Governance Strengthening, capacity building, policy and strategy development and  management of agricultural and rural development, food security and food safety focusing on crop production, livestock and animal health, fisheries and forest management

Country Programming Framework (CPF)

FAO assistance in Iran is currently shaped by the 2012-2016 Country Programming Framework (CPF) Consultation and drafting of a new CPF for 2017-2021 are ongoing in cooperation with the Government and under the leadership of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture (MOJA). Cross-sector participation has been assured, thanks to the involvement of others Ministries and organizations.

The new CPF provides four strategic priority areas:

  • Sustainable environment and agriculture management
  • Food security
  • Inclusive development and resilient economy
  • Knowledge management

In addition to supporting FAO’s Strategic Framework and regional priorities, the CPF is closely aligned with the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) for Iran 2017-2021 and contributes to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Recent FAO Projects implemented are:

1) Genetic Improvement of Rainbow Trout in the Islamic Republic of Iran - Implementation period: 14 Feb 2017 to 13 Feb 2019 code.TCP/IRA/3602

2) Improve Agriculture Monitoring Systems through Satellite Imagery for Iran-  Implementation period: 1 Oct 2016 to 1 Oct 2018 code TCP/IRA/3603

3) Building Capacity Toward Sustainable Intensification of Oilseed Crops in Iran addressing the Soybean Value Chain Implementation period: 1 Feb 2017 to 31 Jan 2019 code TCP/IRA/3604 (16/IX/IRA/220)